Los Angeles Moving Company

Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is your #1 Los Angeles Moving & Storage provider.

AQMS can handle any and all of your Los Angeles Moving needs. Whether you're Moving into Los Angeles, or Moving out of Los Angeles, AQMS is here to help.

  • Los Angeles Moving

AQMS is your #1 Los Angeles Moving Company. With over a quarter of a century of experience in the Los Angeles Moving and storage field, AQMS has a tried and true history of helping take the stress out of moving for the Los Angeles Moving community. You can trust AQMS with your upcoming move; whether it be across the street, or over the seas, AQMS is able and willing to be your choice for movers.

  • Moving to Los Angeles?

Are you ready to make the big jump? Moving to Los Angeles can be a scary task for anyone. Let AQMS take the stress and pressure out of the most important part of your Los Angeles Moving experience; the 'move' itself. AQMS can provide you with a a NO OBLIGATION FREE MOVING QUOTE that will give you the peace of mind you need to calm the inevitable storm that the moving experience brings.

  • Moving from Los Angeles?

Have you had enough of the traffic, the smog, and the chaos of Los Angeles living? AQMS understands the headache of living in the big city (for some people), let us help get you out of here and take you, and your household goods, somewhere else. Los Angeles Moving has so many variables, but AQMS is never ill-prepared when it comes to helping you,your family, relocate to any given destination across the globe.

  • International Moving

AQMS, as a partner of National Van Lines, is able to take care of any of your International Moving needs. Going to Japan? Sounds good. Going to Antarctica? That could be difficult, but we'll give it our best shot. AQMS has made a name for itself in the Los Angeles Moving and Storage industry by always being able to take care of its customers needs; no matter how particular they may be.

  • Interstate Moving

AQMS is an Interstate Relocation agent for National Van Lines. We can, and will gladly, take care of any of your moves, regardless of what side of the continent it's on. With one of the greatest names backing us, AQMS is ready and willing to handle all of your long distance moving needs. Whether you want to move a state away, or to another time zone, AQMS is always able to accommodate.

  • Storage

AQMS has over 30,000 sq ft of storage space available for your household goods. AQMS storage facilities are located in beautiful Santa Clarita just a few minutes north of Los Angeles. If the safety of your household (or business) goods is your priority, then AQMS is a sure bet. With a 24 hour guarded and alarm-rigged warehouse facility you can sleep peacefully knowing that your belongings are being taken great care of.